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November 2020 News Letter

Welcome to our November 2020 New Letter. Yes, we know, we have been remiss in getting you a monthly letter, we are trying to get better organized to bring you one each month. Let us know if you would like to see anything specific, and also we would be pleased to get comments on this letter, good, bad, or otherwise.

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner (I know you didn't want to hear that!) so it is time for you to spread the word to those who love you, as to which special present would make you very happy.

Here at Fabric Fusion we have a Christmas Wish List. On this list you can put items of various prices to satisfy every need. When that special person comes into the store and gives us your name, we can provide them this list. Any items purchased from this list will be discounted 10% to the buyer. This includes gift cards.

Customer Appreciation Day

With the tough times that have befallen us over the last 8 months regarding Covid -19, we wish to show our appreciation to all our loyal customers who have worked through this with Fabric Fusion.

On Saturday, December 5th we will be having a one day sale of EVERYTHING  in the store at a discount of 15%. NO EXCEPTIONS. Come in for that item you have been thinking about but hesitated about the price. Get it now on sale.There will be door prizes and hidden prizes throughout the store. Come in and join the fun.

Lorraine's Sewing and Embroidery Tips

We recommended that we clean our machines regularly - every three to four bobbins is a good guide.  This means that we need to remove the stitch plate cover, the bobbin and the bobbin case to do a thorough cleaning.  We have had a couple instances in the last little while where the sewer had not put the bobbin case back in properly.
Tip is as follows
-  First remove the presser foot - your manual will probably tell you to remove the needle for your safety - before removing the stitch plate cover.
- Then,we all have cell phones so lets pull it out and take pictures as we go. I like to lay each piece down in the order that it was removed it so that it is easy to back step through the process.
- Before you remove the bobbin take a picture of how it sits in the bobbin case.  Take a picture after the bobbin has been removed showing the exact position of the bobbin case before you start turning the hand wheel to enable you to get in all those areas that need cleaning.  Remember that if you meet any resistance as you are using your brush, STOP, you are not supposed to be going in there any further!  Never blow into the machine or use canned air, you can use a small vacuum attachment.
 - Now that we are sure its clean, take a look at that last picture that you took - it shows you the exact position that the bobbin case needs to be in.  Use the hand wheel to adjust, once you are happy, then assemble your machine, referring to your pictures as you go.
 - Put your needle back in - is it time for a new needle?
 - Re-attach your presser foot and make sure it is in the up position - thread your machine.
  "Happy sewing/embroidering”


Upcoming Classes

2 Day Basic Beginners Machine Quilting November 21st & November 22nd

This class will help beginning machine quilters learn how to use their domestic sewing machine to quilt and finish the quilts tops

Quilt As You Go November 12th 2020

This class demonstrate a technique which involves sandwiching pieces of the backing, batting, and top individually rather than making the whole quilt top and then sandwiching.

Our Regular Monthly Classes

Don't forget our monthly classes, Kimberbell 2nd Saturday, Embroidery 1st Thursday, Sewing 3rd Wednesday, Quilt til you Wilt 2nd Tuesday, and Software Club 4th Saturday of each month. Having said that, there will be no regular classes for the month of December!

Machine Sales for November

The New Epic 2, Husqvarna Viking's top of the line machine

Pre-owned Epic
With the introduction of the EPIC 2 and the trade in allowance, we now have 2 of the EPIC models available. They have been serviced and are ready for sale a the awesome price of just $6499.98. Come in and try one now.

Open Box Brilliance 80

This sale      $ 6.999.98 each
Whether you’re embroidering intricate designs or creating new design combinations with your decorative stitches, there’s no project or idea too large for your larger than life imagination.
Check out the link below for all the outstanding features and benefit so this machine.

New Designer Sapphire 85
The latest machine in the Sapphire line. Come in and try one today, you will love it. Not only that, but we are offering a great deal  on its introduction.

The DESIGNER SAPPHIRE™ 85 sewing and embroidery machine boasts the best ecosystem in the sewing machine industry and is the first machine in its class to feature true Wi-Fi connectivity allowing for machine updates and design transfers from anywhere. Check out this link for more information.

New Epic 95

Top Features
Integrated Dual Feed Evenly feeds the fabric from the top and bottom when sewing multiple layers of fabric or specialty fabrics, eliminating the need for a separate dual feed presser foot. Adjustable Laser Sewing Guidance Project a laser guidance line directly on your fabric for perfect stitch placement. Move the laser guidance line left or right to easily align rows of decorative stitches, consistently space lines of quilting, and more. Sewing Performance
• Fabric Feeding - Exceptional fabric feeding is provided by the additional front feed teeth and an overall wider feed teeth system
. • Needle Piercing Power - Electronic needle piercing power provides superior results when using heavy fabrics or multiple layers

Grace Long Arm Machines
For the month of November we have great sales for Grace Long Arm Machines which includes a free frame and light bar. These two items are worth over $4,000 if purchased separately. We also have 2 of the Q-zone frames with a tray which allows you to use your domestic machine in place of a Grace machine. Come in and tell us which machine you have and we will advise if it will fit.

New Fabric Fusion Staff
Dolores Schilling is our new staff member, having joined in October 2020. Dolores is passionate about quilting and has over 4000 hours experience doing machine quilting. Starting long arm quilting in 2016, Dolores has had a sit down long arm since 2018 and is waiting now for delivery of her new Grace q21PRO system.
Dolores is specializing and focusing on Custom quilting but is able to quit edge to edge designs as well. She is more than happy to work with you on your quilting projects.

Don't forget to check out the back of your Safeway receipt for our discount coupon.

In closing, check out our advertisement in the latest edition of the Country Register at
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